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Roadway Assessment 2021

On 1/4/21 the PVRA Board of Directors hosted a Zoom meeting where members were invited to ask questions about the 2021 Assessment.  To watch the recorded meeting on click this link.  It will take you away from

December 18, 2020

Explanation of Increase in 2021 Annual Roadway Assessment

HISTORY - Minimal maintenance of the roads within the gates of Pauma Valley are the victim of a lack of available funds during the recession of 2008 – 2013 and then subsequently an additional funding shortage during the period of declining  PVCC membership, approximately 2010 to 2018 when the club was sold.  Thereafter, improvements to the golf course began and membership has since increased.  Past Roadway Presidents and their Boards understandably did what they could to get by and they did pretty good job, as  our roads look good with just regular seal coating. This was confirmed by consulting with two immediate past Roadway Presidents, as well as comments from the PVCC’s Assistant General Manager of the past five years.  All agreed that the "maintenance can was kicked down the road" during times of recession and modest PVCC revenue.   A new Roadway Board was elected in early 2019 and a plan was implemented for a small 2020 percentage increase with gradual increases over the next 10 years.  As the Board gained experience, we realized that a small percentage increase was not enough and we had underestimated needed repairs and costs.  This was based on the engineering evaluation as well as reviewing street conditions  with multiple asphalt contractors.

ENGINEERING - The engineering report completed in 2018 by NV5 is on our website
Reports - Pauma Valley Roadway Association.  In the report’s Figures Section, Recommendations Table (page 11 of report) it calls for "full depth replacement" (4" grind & overlay) for Wiskon East, Wiskon West, Luiseno, El Tae, Pauma Heights and Womsi.  The review of the streets with multiple asphalt contractors felt that a "full depth replacement" while it would be the ideal solution it was most likely not necessary and we would get better value by doing a 2" grind and overlay on these roads.  By doing only an overlay on these roads the Roadway Association reduced the replacement budget by well over $1 million. The contractors did feel that a full depth replacement on Pauma Valley Drive was necessary due to the higher volume of vehicles and heavy truck traffic.   

In 2020, we learned that at least three roads are in danger of failing meaning that if not repaired shortly with a 2" less expensive treatment they would instead require a 4" more expensive treatment.  We revised our 2021-2029 plans and increased our revenue now to fund the current but less expensive maintenance.

For more details of our revised plans, please refer to our website link:
Roadway Plan 2021-2029 - Pauma Valley Roadway Association as  this document includes an estimated history of what has been done, projection of future years projects and tentative estimates of revenue and costs thru 2029.  The work is color coded for a better display and planning overview.

-Pauma Valley Roadway Association 2020 Board of Directors

Last Updated December 14, 2020

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