April 21 2021 Board - Pauma Valley Roadway Association

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April 21 2021 Board


Roadway Meeting Agenda April 21 2021 (Wednesday)
Meeting Starts Promptly at 9:00 A.M.

To Join the Zoom Meeting Click Here

Or go to:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82142150140

Introductions of Attendees - Fred
Welcome to Board Members - Fred
Comments/Questions from Members – Fred to re-state member question/comment policy
Presentation and Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes - Scott
Election of Officers - Fred
• Chairman of the Board
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Vice President
• Risk Officer

Conflict of Interest Statement - Scott
• Complete the form
• Board review responses

Review and affirmation of our Policies – Scott
Discussion regarding updating Roadways CCRs/Bylaws as they are dated and laws have changed
Financial Update - Rick
• Approval of February Financial Statements
• Collections

Request from Pauma Valley CC regarding (see attached Larry Taylor communication dated March 24th and two attachments):
• Cleaning under the Bridge Responsibility - Fred
• Revisit Expense on the Road - Jack and Jeff
• Payment amount per CCR What does CSD & RPM pay - Fred
• Landscaping with the Club – Jeff
• Assigning Member Shares – the Club feels their share is excessive – discussion amongst all Board Members

Trees and road encroachment clean-up process - Scott
Sink Hole at 15252 PV Drive, near the Briscoe/Murray Property Road - Fred
Status CSD and RA Agreement - Fred
Other Items - Fred
Next scheduled Board Meeting – Fred

Last updated April 11, 2021

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