2021 Candidate Resumes - Pauma Valley Roadway Association

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2021 Candidate Resumes

Pauma Valley Roadway Association April 2021 Election of Directors

There are four candidates for this the election which is scheduled to conclude April 6, 2021.
A summary of each candidate’s experience,  as prepared by the candidate, is below:

George Pink

•  I spent 25 years working for Caltrans in the Right of Way Department.  I worked in in the following sections.  One year in property management, one year in Air Space, three years in Appraisals, one year in Utilities, one year Special Projects, one in Acquisitions.  I was promoted to A senior level agent over planning and management.  I served as the Deputy District Director for Right of way District 8, San Bernardino.  I finished my career as the Regional Program and Project manager of Right of Way in District 23, Riverside, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside and Orange Counties.  If you any questions let me know.

Scott Shinner

1511 Malaga Way.
Fallbrook, California 92028
Seeking to obtain a Board of Directors position that will be challenging and can benefit from my experiences and expertise in the following areas:
● Membership Recruitment
● Capital Planning
● Operational Budgets
● Membership Retention
● Customer Satisfaction
● Program Development
● Fine Dining
● Event Coordination
● Public Speaking
● Business Networking
● Strategic Planning

➢ Complete commitment to member satisfaction and delivering the highest quality of service.
➢ Ability to communicate effectively with all involved parties, including club members, Board Members and employees.
➢ Demonstrated skill at identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to implement programs that increase membership value.

Pauma Valley Country Club 2016 - Present
San Diego, California
Assistant General Manager
● Oversaw all areas of the operation
● Conducted a capital reserve study
● Developed a plan to recapitalize the property
● Oversaw renovation of cottages

● Instituted new guidelines for housekeeping staff
● Created membership programs and new categories of membership
● Surpassed membership numbers of recruitment and retention

San Diego Country Club 2012-2016
San Diego, California
Director of Sales and Marketing
● Oversaw all areas regarding membership
● Joined the San Diego Chamber of Commerce
● Developed relationships with various businesses and corporations
● Coordinated new member functions and activities
● Attended community and business functions to establish relationships
● Interviewed and Managed 3 Hospitality Interns from San Diego State University

● Have acquired over 250 members
● Lowered the average age of current membership
● Surpassed budget goals for membership growth
● Assisted the F&B Department in member functions
● 2014 Top Influential Nominee- San Diego Daily Transcript

Bernardo Heights Country Club 2009-2012
San Diego, California
Director of Sales and Marketing
● Oversaw all areas regarding membership
● Established Ambassador Program
● Implemented and monitored quality assurance and member satisfaction
● Developed relationships with various businesses and corporations
● Coordinated new member functions and activities
● Provided recommendations to President, Board of Directors and Committees
● Attended community and business functions to establish relationships

● Acquired over 50 new members in the last year
● Lowered the average age of current membership
● Revitalized Social activity at the club

Stadium Golf Center 2005-2010
San Diego, California
Director of Sales and Marketing
● Directed and Managed Corporate Events
● Recruited new business for golf instructors
● Oversaw all marketing material and opportunities

● Established service standards, policies and controls
● Responsible for all Public Relation decisions

The Golf Club of California 2001-2006
Fallbrook, California
Assistant Golf Professional
● Directed outside service staff
● Planned, developed and implemented tournament functions
● Managed vendor relationships and negotiated purchasing programs
● Handled scheduling and developed manuals on providing excellent service

● Club Managers Association of America- Member
● Golden State Chapter of CMAA- Member
● Rancho Bernardo Business Association-Member
● Poway Chamber of Commerce-Member
● San Diego North Chamber of Commerce –Member
● Bernardo Heights Community Association
● Six Degrees Networking Group
● San Diego Chamber of Commerce

● Monty Leong- General Manager- Stadium Golf Center- (858) 277-6667
● David Morris- CMAA Member- (619) 962-2200
● Todd Hale- General Manager- San Diego Country Club- (619) 422-8895
● Paul Devine- General Manager- Pauma Valley Country Club- (760) 742-3721

Jack Crocker

A "unique resume" seems to be quite an understatement when it comes to Jack Crocker’s work history, but there is one thread tying it all together: He’s worked in construction his whole life. With a dad in remodeling, he grew up surrounded by the industry, taking his first full-time job over the summer when he was 16 working for a tile cutting company. "When I got out of high school, I wanted to become the level of foreman in several trades so I basically could learn every trade," Crocker says. "I was hands-on with the tools, so my goal was to make it to foreman. The ultimate goal, I thought, would be to be a superintendent. To be a good ground-site superintendent, I thought knowing every trade meant you would know what you were doing. So that’s kind of where I embarked."
Throughout much of the 1980s, Crocker remembers starting in a trade as an apprentice, working his way up the ladder and then quitting when he felt he’d mastered that trade just to start over in a whole different trade. By the time he arrived at a window factory, he decided that he "kind of figured out the field side of things and would like to learn the office." He started out selling vinyl windows, moved into management, shifted to running a division and then left to go into plumbing. As part of a large plumbing company who was purchased by a conglomerate, Crocker embarked on a corporate career. "Because of my background being pretty unique, the conglomerate decided they were going to buy up multiple trades and sort of package all the trades together for the big builders. They would buy large companies and give them to me to run," he explains. "I did that through the 2000s — through the boom times — and that taught me a lot of the big business items, like business planning, balance sheets, profits and losses, and all those things it really takes to run a business.
"I decided in 2011 when things started picking back up again that if I was going to be building companies, I was going to do it for myself this time. If you could put on a calendar the absolute lowest day for the construction industry that was probably the day I opened business," he continues. "That was intentional because I always believe if you can make money in a down economy, you’ll be able to make money in a good economy, and it forces you to be a better businessman."
Classic Home Improvements, based in Escondido, Calif., opened its doors five years ago and is a full-service remodeling company for multiple reasons, according to Crocker. He reiterates that diversification and innovation drive his company. "What I decided to do was get into the remodeling business and try to add business acumen to a kind of small business environment, and at the same time run it as a construction company, not a sales organization," Crocker says. "I think there’s a big difference between being innovative and doing things for the sake of change, so we’re constantly looking at ways to do things better, smarter and faster." Part of the business plan involves, as he calls them, "silos" of the business — exterior remodeling, kitchen and bath, and design-build — and recognizing each silo needs to be handled individually.
"I think diversification is key and, based on my corporate experience, being able to nail multiple disciplines creates a lot of synergy and efficiencies. Combine that with the customer not having to hire multiple people for multiple things — they just have one person to call. We can handle what I call the choreography of the job, like which goes first the windows or the exterior paint?" Crocker explains. "The multiple silos of my business need to managed in different ways. If you try to run an exterior business the way you run a kitchen and bath business, you’ll fail and vice versa, and the same with design-build. You have to recognize that, and you’ve got to have different processes, procedures and field management specifically to handle those different disciplines. And I’m kind of uniquely qualified to put it together, and that was really my business plan from day one."
Crocker is a big proponent of revisiting things that may not have worked or been the right fit in the past. For example, this year his company aims to go completely paperless by moving to a cloud-based platform, after looking several years ago at a cloud-based software and determining it wasn’t where it needed to be for the company. "Picking your spot and waiting until you find the right solution is important," he says. "If you try to force it because you think computers are good, you’re just going to be creating more work and problems for yourself."

Last Updated Feb 1, 2021

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